Mysore silk palace, a live silk factory showroom in the heart of Bengaluru. We make almost all of our sarees both in Handloom and Power loom process to provide our customer the best of shopping experience. Having more than 40 years of saree weaving history, we started out with our own manufacturing units back in 1970s, supplying all the major shops with Pure Weaved Mysore Silk crepe. With Great pride we can say we have our own showroom giving out all kinds of sarees to our customers, direct from weavers to customers.

One Woman, One Saree

Our motto is to provide the best of sarees in a non-replicative process so as every woman can wear each sarees brought from us knowing that it is the only saree which exists in the world. Each Handloom Saree is made keeping in mind that only one saree is made per design so that only one person can only wear it


The Manufacturing Unit

Mysore Silk Palace at Lalbagh road started back in 2010 with only powerlooms making pure silk sarees, today the showroom is built upon the powerlooms in the basement while also selling our manufactured sarees right on top where each customers can see how a saree is made.